Monday, November 07, 2011

7 Billion & ... A Little Fertility-Obsessed?

Holding "celebrations" in honour of our infestation having reached 7 billion is way out of line, people. In January 2009 Nadya Suleman, who began pumping out IVF specimens at 21 years of age in 2001, famously became the Octomom. Then in October 2009 Ahmed Muhamed Dore, a 112-year-old man whose five previous wives had already dropped 13 children, marries 17-year-old Safia Abdulleh. Obviously, his PR staff advised him that he had to say stuff like he "would like to have more with his new wife." Otherwise he looks like just another run-of-the-mill pervert, or a gold-digger trying to gouge the Viagra marketing department out of tons of sponsorship dollars. And now,

Susan Tollefsen, one of Britain’s oldest first-time mothers after IVF treatment at the age of 57, is being forced to cope as the country’s oldest single mother ... Tollefsen defended her right to have another child despite her age and health problems, including being deaf in one ear and having a replaced knee, but the couple eventually decided not to go ahead.

Well, we're nothing if not consistent because, apparently, even in these enlightened times the occasional "toyboy" is selfish enough to ditch the 61-year-old mother of his 3-year-old child. Of course, it's been über-crazy since at least June 2010 when

... the world's oldest mother is dying just 18 months after giving birth at the age of 70 ... too weak to recover from complications after her IVF pregnancy, as it emerged that a 66-year-old has become the oldest woman in the world to have triplets.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Meery Christmas, Suckers

Little Frank, Goldie and Myrrh, "the third litter of meerkats born to Kate and Wills this year, are in for a bit of a surprise as we transform their enclosure, which is currently decorated in a desert setting, to incorporate a nativity theme ..."

[The meerkat surprise is sprung Saturday November 12]