Monday, June 06, 2016

A Little Hemlock, Please

Well, well, well. Apparently it is big news that, as of tomorrow, [as the result of a] Supreme Court ruling, doctors can't be prosecuted under the Criminal Code if they help a patient suffering from a "grievous and irremediable" illness die ... For some people the problem seems to be that with no law in place (as is the case with abortion, incidentally) assisted suicides will blossom as rapidly as hashtags. This is what intelligent people clinically refer to as quantum bullshit. Why would anybody want to pass knee-jerk legislation when we know how that turned out after the-jerk Stephen Harper went batshit crazy ramming through a new prostitution law within the designated one-year "deadline" imposed by a 2013 ruling? Hey Canada! Calm down, give your fucking heads a shake, and leave well enough alone. I think we can trust people to make their own decisions, eh?