Friday, November 01, 2013

All Crazy, All Day

And here’s Molly with an update from Planet Crazy [Scary Halloween edition] — Public officials may now smoke anything they want because allowing them to do so simply makes plausible deniability impervious to reality, and isn’t it about time somebody gave taxpayers a break from reality? ... An Alaska town has elected a cat to the mayor's office, making Toronto look bad and following in the footsteps of such trailblazing municipalities as Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, where Lucy Lou, a border collie, beat out 10 dogs, a cat, a possum, a jackass and even one human being to become the town’s third animal mayor since 1998 ... It's so crazy out here one couple actually moved into a New York City cemetery to get away from it all, saying "it's very quiet" and, in a twist both ironic and fitting, aren’t planning to dearly depart any time soon ... Back to you Chad.