Friday, February 10, 2012

Lady & The [Fat] Tramp

... a study found 41 million dogs and 47 million cats are overweight or obese, 53% percent of adult dogs and 55% of cats ... "I didn't notice the weight creeping on. All of a sudden he was just this fat dog," said owner Kim Stevens. "He's about 82 pounds right now, and he should be 62" ...

Nothing says love like failing to notice an extra 20 pounds. I wonder how this problem is playing out in Germany, where the number of "animal brothels" is on the rise because zoophilia is considered merely a "lifestyle choice, and thus more acceptable." Well, as long as the fat animals get a little lovin' too, that's what's important.

And in the way of public service announcements if you're stumped for cool gifts this Valentine's Day, just remember guys : Flowers wilt and chocolates melt ... but roaches are forever.