Monday, January 29, 2007

Go For Gold

China is determined the Olympic Games will be a triumph (Photo -AP)

Chinese authorities have warned government and Olympic officials not to indulge in corrupt or immoral behaviour during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The city's Communist Party boss warned officials not to have their energies "dissipated by wine and women".

BEIJING, Jan 29 (Reuters Life!)
Treadmills are run-of-the-mill - Luo Lan wants the Chinese masses to pole dance instead. As manager of Beijing's first pole dancing school, Luo says she is trying to make exercise fun - and not morally corrupt anyone in a country where this kind of dancing is associated with seedy bars and sex is still a taboo topic.

How likely is it these games will turn into a repeat of last year's World Cup in Germany, where "as many as 40,000 sex workers" showed up to help handle the increased demand? Or better yet, will the Chinese cordon off a little corner of the Olympic Park and take a hint from the Italians?

A park where passionate young couples can have sex freely is set to open. They will pay £2 to enter the park in the southern port of Bari and £1 for every 30 minutes they stay.

That's not free.


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