Thursday, March 08, 2007


An Ode To Suffering Sisters

At the risk of my blaspheming
The Gospel according to Joe,
The tenor of this debate, it seems,
Has wandered where, I do not know.

"If it makes sense to this brain of mine,
Which is all I ever know,
Then, so help us God, I must conclude
That it cannot but be so."

Yet the issue at debate
Is now and always has been:
On whose say-so is Woman's hair
Evil in its sheen?

While I can accept your point
That it's inhuman to be mean,
Ponder scores beneath hijabs and burqas,
Voices unheard, bruises unseen.

Christians, Jews and Hindus all
Have used their gods to beat on Woman;
"But all that's ancient history,"
Says the modern, lazy freeman.

"The hijab is a human right,"
That's the cry we often hear.
"Revealed to Man in the Koran..."
Remind again, in which year?

It's sad to see such faulty logic
In even atheists, I must say.
But I trust the point shall not be lost
This International Women's Day.


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