Monday, April 16, 2007

Holy Shit, Anticristo!

THREE Central American governments have banned a man claiming to be the Antichrist from entering their countries, outraged by his inflammatory preaching against the Catholic church and organised religion. El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have banned Jose de Jesus Miranda, who heads a cult-like movement with sermons televised from Miami to dozens of mostly Latin American nations and wants to join followers at a rally next week in Guatemala.

He has the number 666 identifying the Antichrist tattooed on his arm but says he is Jesus Christ reborn on earth, arguing Saint Paul's teachings show this is what Antichrist means. "The Pope should be ashamed," shouts Miranda in Spanish into a microphone. "He should wear pants like a man. He should tell the truth and stop teaching shit."

Carlos Cestero, Miranda's right-hand man, known as the 'Bishop as Bishops'... "These small nations are clearly puppets of the Catholic church," he said. Central America, especially Guatemala, has seen a surge in converts to a variety of Christian churches in recent decades...about 40 per cent of [Guatemala's] population now belongs to non-Catholic Christian churches.


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