Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some Like It Hot

The US backtracked yesterday on the climate change agreement reached after marathon talks in Bali, saying it had "serious concerns" about the new global consensus and that developing countries had to do far more if there was to be any pact in two years' time.

The reality check followed the drama and euphoria of the weekend when the US was shamed into joining the rest of the world in working towards a new climate change agreement to come into force after 2012. All 190 countries have agreed to take the talks further.

Does anybody else get the sense that the top priority for these politicos is simply ensuring the profits keep rolling in? And here's another little problem with the logic being employed by these jokers : how do the American and Canadian governments expect China to sign on to more stringent targets while at the same time supplying all of the cheap labour and industrial production capacity the rest of us have come to expect of the world's favourite sweatshop?


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