Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spaced Cadets

Ever have one of those days when you think people are getting stupider by the day? No .. ? Well then, today is your lucky day.

... two very basic evolutionary strategies in nature, competition and cooperation ... Just as with the laws of physics I see no reason why these evolutionary laws do not apply to the whole of the universe.

[Not too bad, you're saying to yourself ... and then BLAMMO!]

This logic is confirmed by the facts available to me involving extraterrestrial reality. Of course this is not a new idea but one that runs though religious texts from around the world.

What the religious texts seem to indicate is that there has been a longstanding attempt by less ethical predatory colonizing extraterrestrials to take over this planet that are being resisted and thwarted by more ethical cooperative extraterrestrial races.

Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, the Spaced Cadets Tour '08 is far from over. Another, totally unrelated [?] space cadet must "rewrite the 12th chapter" of his book The Coming Human Aliens, because beings from outer space gave him new information when they picked him up outside of Stephensville, Texas, earlier this year. And Don Ray Walton isn't too worried about global warming, either.

In the next four years, humans will be offered salvation from representatives of 143,999 alien races, he said.

Don't forget to pack your own probing equipment, Donny.


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