Sunday, October 15, 2006

Freeze! ...uh, Zip Up First

From the Boston Globe, here's how not to set an example in your community...

A 19-year-old prostitute feared that no one would believe her if she said an off-duty Boston police officer kept forcing her to perform sex in his car. So one night, she fled his car with a key piece of evidence: his badge.

It was a bold move, the woman's lawyer said yesterday. And later, the lawyer said, when Officer Michael LoPriore called the woman to get his badge back, the FBI was listening, too.

LoPriore, 37, of Everett, was charged in federal court yesterday with depriving the woman of her rights by using his position as a police officer to coerce her to perform sex in September 2004.

According to a plea agreement filed with the court by the US attorney's public corruption unit, LoPriore, a 12-year Boston police veteran, will plead guilty, resign from the department, and never seek another job as a police officer in Massachusetts.

The woman said LoPriore, who was assigned to East Boston, stopped her in Boston's Combat Zone while he was off duty. He was driving in his personal car with a child's car seat strapped in the back.

He flashed his badge, ordered her into the car, and drove her to various locations, where he forced her to perform oral sex, Swomley said.

His client was very troubled, too, that the officer refused to wear a condom, the lawyer said.

And it gets better!!

Albert Goslin, the Police Department's acting commissioner, said that the FBI notified the department about the allegations in October 2004 and that LoPriore was placed on restricted duty, performing clerical work inside a station without a firearm.

While the FBI investigation was underway, LoPriore was charged with felony larceny in state court for allegedly forging signatures on timecards and collecting $1,102 pay for detail shifts he never worked at an East Boston construction site in 2004. That case, brought by Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, is pending.


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