Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ignorance Is Bliss

What is the one thing that pisses off both devout Muslims and Catholics?


WRONG!! Secularism only pisses Catholics off when it hinders their fundamentalism. To wit :

The Vatican on Tuesday stepped into the debate about Muslim women wearing veils, with a top cardinal saying immigrants must follow the laws of their host countries, including any bans on such face-covering.

Countries "must require that guests who arrive from a different culture must respect the traditions, the symbols, the culture, the religion of the countries they go to," said Renato Martino, the Italian prelate who heads the Vatican's office on issues concerning migrants, itinerant workers and refugees. Martino, responding to a question about veils from a reporter, said respect for local laws would include any bans on such coverings

Wait a minute, isn't this the same church whose spiritual leader in May said "Canada is today suffering from the pervasive effects of secularism"? Why would they make a statement like that two weeks before the head honcho is due to visit the Muslim, yet secular-governed Turkey? Sounds like somebody's looking for a martyred pontiff to boost attendance figures.


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