Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ladie$ Night

Here's one to keep an eye on.

A self-described "agitator’’ against feminism declared ladies nights at Colorado nightclubs dead today after prevailing in a civil rights complaint against The Proof NiteClub in southeast Denver.

Steve Horner learned Thursday that the Division of Civil Rights for the Department of Regulatory Agencies sided with him in his complaint that men were unfairly having to pay cover charges and higher drink prices than women at the Proof’s Ladies Nights.

Yeah Steve. Probably because most bar owners know from experience one drunken dick can do more property damage than a pair of Katrinas.

"I will now make it a point to visit as many ladies nights as I can every week. I’ll have my rights violated, then I’ll sue them in county court and collect my $500 (each time)," Horner said. "I feel it could net me $3,000 to $4,000 a week easy and I’m going to do it. It takes me five minutes to be discriminated against."

Does this mental defective have more money than unresolved issues?

Horner, a 59-year-old corporate speaker, says he’s been on an anti-feminist crusade since his wife left him with two young children several years ago...

That's better.


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