Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Safety & Shallow Gene Pools

Advocacy group Safe Kids Canada commissioned a survey in March. Here's some of what they concluded as a result :

Safe Kids Canada suggests five "layers of protection" that should be used to keep children safe from drowning :

Actively supervising children.
Training adults in CPR, first aid and water rescue.
Using four-sided fencing, not three, around home pools.
Wearing lifejackets.
Teaching kids to swim.

An estimated 58 kids drown every year, and another 140 are hospitalized from near-drowning incidents, according to a decade-long review the group published in 2003.

Fifty-eight kids drown every year?! Since the population of Canada is roughly 33.6 million people, that works out to one drowning for every 579,000. Better take that life jacket. And build an electric fence, just to be sure. There's no telling how stupid your kids are.


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