Sunday, June 17, 2007

Royal Chopping Block

Iran accused Britain on Sunday of insulting Islamic values by knighting Salman Rushdie... The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Rushdie, awarded the knighthood for services to literature in Queen Elizabeth's birthday honors list published on Saturday, was "one of the most hated figures" in the Islamic world.

Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini portrayed the decision as an act directed against Islam by Britain... "Honoring and commending an apostate and hated figure will definitely put the British officials (in a position) of confrontation with Islamic societies," he said.

Fatwa anybody? An Iranian foundation meanwhile raised a bounty to 150,000 dollars for anyone who killed Rushdie, the Fars news agency reported Sunday. ... Ah, that's better.

[UPDATE : Tuesday June 19]

The UK's ambassador to Pakistan has expressed "deep concern" over comments by a Pakistani minister about Sir Salman Rushdie's knighthood. Religious Affairs Minister Mohammad Ejaz ul-Haq had said the honour meant a risk of suicide attacks because Muslims believed Sir Salman had insulted Islam.... The assembly of Pakistan's North West Frontier Province urged the government to cut diplomatic ties with the UK.

[UPDATE : Wednesday June 20]

A hard-line Pakistani parliamentarian and head of a religious political party on Wednesday demanded a "sir" title for Osama bin Laden, the lead of the al-Qaeda terrorist network, in retaliation for Britain knighting author Salman Rushdie. "Muslims should confer the 'sir' title and all other awards on bin Laden and Mullah Omar in reply to Britain's shameful decision to knight Rushdie," Sami ul Haq, leader of the pro-Taliban Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, said in a statement, referring also to the leader of the Taliban.


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