Sunday, September 16, 2007

French Flings

English may be the international language of business, and French the language of love, but don't let anybody ever tell you that the English are better at conducting business than the French. Check it out :

PARIS (AP) -- Looking to get away for a weekend fling without getting caught? A new French company provides would-be adulterers with custom-made excuses that help take the danger of discovery out of cheating.

Founded six months ago by former private eye Regine Mourizard, Web-based Ibila can cook up invites to phony weekend seminars, fake emergency phone calls from work, invitations to nonexistent weddings - anything to justify cheating spouses' absence.

She and her co-worker, a computer specialist, draw up fake restaurant and hotel bills, receipts and other documents to help shore up what Mourizard calls her "little white lies."

Mourizard insisted her business is completely above board because she concocts fake bills from invented companies, hotels and restaurants and does not doctor or forge real documents. She also requires clients to sign a document pledging not to use her materials to swindle their employers or the French government.

Most of her clients - about 60 percent - are men, Mourizard said. They range in age from 25-60, but most are in their mid-forties.


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