Thursday, November 08, 2007

What Number Were You Calling, Sir?

James Macnair, 35, was arrested by Clarkstown police yesterday afternoon when he was accused of breaking into Elim Alliance Church on Lake Road and using the church's phone to call a sex hotline.

Macnair told police that he broke into the same church Friday for the same purpose
[and] was charged with two-counts of burglary, felonies, and misdemeanors of possession of burglars tools and petty larceny.

If Macnair's lawyer has his wits about him, three arguments should suffice to get his client off.

1. Christians are supposed to be charitable. Sometimes a guy just has to go.
2. The church's tax-free status. It can afford to pay for the calls. And then some.
3. The reverend isn't seriously suggesting that Macnair's the first one to use Elim's telephone to call a sex hotline, is he?


Blogger Anatoly said...

By "breaking in" they mean that the doors were wide open and he could come in, right?


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