Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Xmas Suckers

Th[e] spirit of generosity is one of the things that defines us as Canadians and its purest expression today is the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, where our soldiers, diplomats and aid workers are, at great cost to themselves, helping the Afghan people rebuild their shattered country.
That's quite a dose of "in your face" for the Canadian taxpayer, since he's wasting our hard-earned dollars over there. And for those of you who may not know it, if there is one thing our PM is not, it's generous. He may call his tax cuts "generous" - but is it generous to give tax breaks to the richest people while sticking it to the poorest? No. How about getting rid of subsidized child-care, a $5.1 billion agreement to tackle aboriginal poverty and the Canada Health Network? Doesn't sound too generous to me. How about cutting 25,000 unversity student summer jobs? Keep trying. How about showing up "in Bali with an emission-reduction plan that four independent analyses have found will not even meet the government's targets that it has substituted for Kyoto's goals"? Whenever selfish people employ the word generous, assume it only applies to self-aggrandizing praise or stuffing the pockets of their cronies. The rest of us can go fuck ourselves.


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