Monday, February 18, 2008

Pulling The Holy Handbrake

From the BBC : The Vatican has issued new rules making the route to sainthood more difficult. Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins called for more rigour and sobriety in the Catholic Church's saint making process ... Critics have suggested the department has become what they call a "saint factory."

How can people be so irreverent as to call the Vatican a saint factory? Just because Pope John Paul II, in his 27-year pontificate, beatified more people than all his predecessors put together, more than 1,338 [and] canonised 482 [also a record], that's no reason to accuse the Church of fecklessly fast-tracking saintly men and women like Pope Pius XII into Heaven.

And don't read anything into the fact that
The Vatican requires one miracle to have been performed at both the beatification and canonisation stages. It used to be two at each stage, but that was changed by John Paul II. Everybody's entitled to be ridiculously hypocritical once or twice in life.


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