Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Dog's Life (Part VIII)

"... shocking we'd tell people with metallic testicles on their bumpers that this is a violation ... better things to spend time debating" ?

How about outlawing bestiality? In keeping with an earlier promise to "keep adding states as they come up," Florida's lawmakers finally got around to addressing certain behaviours that shall remain nameless but were, until April 2008, completely legal. A little convincing was required, however, to help bring them to their senses.

Before the vote, Leon County prosecutor Michael Bauer sent the senators a letter recounting his troubles prosecuting the 2006 case of a blind guy who had sex with his male yellow Lab "Lucky." The man explained "freely about his regular sexual acitivities with his dog and said he would take the dog for a walk prior to sex to 'prevent fecal impact.'"


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