Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sant-a Clause Is Go-ing To Town

For all those people on your list who are impossible to shop for, here are some last-minute gift ideas worth considering.

Face Transplant

Does your your stock broker need some freshening up after a rough year? Then how about a new and improved face? It's the best cure for the common face plant, but is especially handy for that special someone on your Christmas hit list.
A lunar burial : the gift of eternal bliss. And helping to foil all those pesky maggots and real estate developers offers a bonus to the giver : you won't hear any more complaints about peed-on headstones, rampant weeds or infrequent visits. Blow that special someone sky high.

Suntan Lotion
You may want to leave a tube of this perennial stocking-stuffer out with the milk and cookies this year. With solar winds pouring in at 1 million mph through a 4,000-mile tear in Earth's protective magnetosphere, he'll need it. As will all the face plants in your new Blackberry.


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