Saturday, October 25, 2014

Extremus Apatheticus Disorder

Thanks Dan ... Once known as Election Fever, this latest bout of the ailment has hit the public hard, in flu-like proportions this year. But it has made for a positively electrifying election season, has it not? Scotland decides against divorcing England, America doesn’t much care unless the White House is at stake, and who really believes a new era of smell tests will deliver better public policies in Toronto ... ? But we love it because even in these bleak times lessons in fiscal responsibility are out there to be seized, and everybody knows successful politicians do precisely this. For example, responsible government spending is like deciding how to most economically feed your family, and this means never opting for take-out when delivery is on offer. Here's an example from Ohio :

"Hey, could you take down my online mug shot? I hate that picture."
"Well, alright ... But could you come down here and bring us another one to post instead?"
"OK ...


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