Sunday, November 19, 2006

F*&% The Canucks

Those folks over at Greenpeace UK sure showed us. But I think they underestimate two facts about the Canadian government. Our PM Stephen Harper is a bit of a religious nut, so he wouldn't watch a South Park episode even if we told him it was the last chance for Rapture. The second fact they fail to appreciate is that he thinks the White Elephant along our southern border actually suffered a setback when the Republicans lost control of the two legislative houses of Congress last week, and we all know what those guys think of the environment whenever it gets in the way of economic considerations -- so Greenpeace UK may be raging against the indifference of a silent universe.

Nevertheless, this video is pretty funny. It's on how bottom trawling is ravaging the sea floors and we'll soon have no fish to eat. Man, it's a good thing we're doing the sensible thing and turning to farm-based food production. But if by some dark miracle it turns out that Canadian farms can't shoulder the load, at least the world will still be able to Blame Canada for their chronic shortages, eh?

For anybody who hasn't read them yet, this series of Mother Jones articles will shed some light on what the future holds.


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