Saturday, November 04, 2006

Must See, Tasty TV

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian authorities want to stop the daytime airing of a television advertisement promoting flavoured condoms saying it is obscene and in bad taste, a newspaper reported Friday. The advert promotes DKT's "XXX" strawberry, chocolate and banana flavoured condoms with the catchline "What is your flavor of the night?"

"This campaign is obscene," Sharmila Tagore, chairwoman of the Censor Board was quoted as saying in the Times of India. "Maybe DKT is targeting raunchy teenagers. But the ads are definitely not meant for children." Tagore, who is also an anti-AIDS activist, said she did not want to ban the advert totally, but recommended it be aired after 11 p.m. or in cinemas with an "A certification" instead of during the day when children were watching television.

An "A certification" on a film or advert indicates that it is meant for adult viewing only. A senior DKT official told the newspaper the flavored condoms were not meant to promote oral sex, but to encourage couples who do not like the smell of latex. According to the United Nations, 5.7 million Indians are living with AIDS/HIV. But activists say the true figure may be far higher as social stigma forces many of those infected to keep their status a secret.

Those Victorian-minded British may have vamoosed in 1947, but one of the most destructive elements of their legacy is this [instinctive] recoiling from anything even remotely resembling an acknowledgement of sexuality or sexual activity. If this thing really explodes what are the odds the company will win an adverstising award?


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