Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Canada's Low I.Q. ... Now Flying Lower

Steve Baker, head of the London International Airport, knows first-hand the pain Canadian flyers may now face. On the day a new no-fly security list threatened to ground an unknown number of Canadian air travellers, Baker yesterday revealed he was on the U.S. version of that list -- which bars people from flying -- about a year ago. "There was someone with the exact name, Steven James Baker," he said. In fact, the first time his name popped up on the no-fly list was as he tried to fly out of his own airport to the U.S.

It took Baker four months of paperwork to convince U.S. authorities he wasn't the Steven James Baker on the U.S. Homeland Security list. During those four months, because Air Canada uses the same list for all flights, Baker faced the irony of having his name pop up on his own airport's security system on his way to Ottawa for a meeting of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.


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