Thursday, July 05, 2007

Johnny On The Spot

Too much sun can do strange things to a man. Like Fort Lauderdale's mayor, for instance.

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Mayor Jim Naugle has never been shy about voicing his beliefs.He's called some environmentalists "wackos" and said people complaining about high home prices were lazy, beer drinking "schlocks."

Since the mayor can't be everywhere at once, he's come up with a great solution for all you "mile-high-club" types :

Now the mayor has shifted his attention to a robotic toilet, saying the invention could have a special edge over a traditional restroom in preventing the "homosexual activity" that he said plagues other public restrooms.

The robo-john the city might buy for $250,000 or more allows occupants to stay inside for only a short time before the door opens. Probably not enough time for "illegal sex," Naugle figures.

Of course, the story goes on to say that the robo-john is already being used in cities like Atlanta, Seattle and New York, so maybe it's not the sun but the Son driving everybody crazy. Gotta wipe now, before ... too late.


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