Thursday, August 09, 2007

Damn Protestants

IN what could be the worst news to hit the Vatican since 1517 (Ok, Ok... maybe 1789), [let's hope]* this story is sure to cause some fan-hitting shit.

A leading campaigner for gay equality in Northern Ireland has hit back at criticism of a placard carried at last weekend's Belfast Pride by stating he is convinced Jesus was a gay man.

In a discussion on BBC Radio Ulster P A MacLochlainn responded that in his view the details of Jesus' life as presented in the Bible led him to conclude that he was a homosexual.

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Blogger Howard said...

"...this story is sure to cause some fan-hitting shit."

The claim that Jesus was completely fictitious didn't cause any such bruhaha, so why do you think this would? Xtians will simply re-frame this to suit their superstitions, and continue on as they were.
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