Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Foxhole Fervor

Here's an interesting little item from the UK's Freethinker Magazine, although it's questionable whether we ought to be proud of the fact that non-believers are doing their part in the war. It's called : Christian sabotages atheist gathering in Iraq

A meeting of atheists legally organised by a young American soldier currently on active duty in Iraq was sabotaged by a Christian fundamentalist major, who verbally abused the four junior enlisted soldiers who attended the gathering....

The organiser said he was "absolutely freaked out" about what happened, but he said he is going to continue with the meetings and would not be bullied by "the prayer warriors".


Blogger Howard said...

I drilled down to the source posts for this, and I have to say it's really scary. I belong to a Freethinker organization, and as an atheist since my teens, I know the underlying story to be credible from my own experience in the Navy.
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