Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fire And Ice

"Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice," wrote the poet Robert Frost. Astronomers, it turns out, are in the former camp.

A new calculation predicts that Earth will be swallowed up by the sun in 7.6 billion years, capping off a longstanding debate over whether the sun's gravitational pull will have weakened enough for Earth to escape final destruction or not.

Well then it's settled: the Book of Revelation was bang on. And if you're hoping for the best ...

There may even be hope for Earth. Some scientists have proposed a scheme for down the road to use the gravity of a passing asteroid to budge Earth out of the way of the sun toward cooler territory, assuming there is life around at the time that is intelligent enough to engineer this solution.

Of course, you should also know that these idiot

scientists are curious about the ultimate fate of our planet after we are gone (like all previous hominids and more than 99 percent of all species that have lived on Earth, humans will probably go extinct, and it will likely happen sooner than a billion years).

No wonder the world is in the shape it's in. When even the scientists [the ones who pride themselves on logic] start talking this kind of bullshit we may as well start praying, because there ain't no hoping for the best when you let the lunatics loose to run the asylum. Which is exactly what's happening.


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