Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tax-Free TV? Not For Thee

When Canadians sing their national anthem, they refer to their country as "The True North strong and free." Well, Stephen Harper's born-again government has redefined the concept of "free" for the Canadian movie and television industries. According to this report in the CBC today,

A new bill would give the federal Heritage Department the power to deny funding for films and TV shows it considers offensive ... "It sounds like something they do in Beijing," director David Cronenberg told CBC News.

He says Canadians have a reputation for making edgy dark movies that go places other filmmakers wouldn't venture.
[Now] "You ['ll] have a panel of people working behind closed doors who are not monitored form[ing] their own layer of censorship."

Of course, when we consider its prudish and authoritarian history [British influence among the Anglophones, the Catholic Church for the Francophones], here in Canada we have a long and proud tradition of cens-----p.

So you movie and television folks can just head to the back of the line, be thankful it's taken this long to join the club, shut the fuck up and produce what you're told to produce.

Freedom to Read Week 2008
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