Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bobby On The Spot

(Photo - Anthony Devlin / AP)

LONDON - Britain is taking its surveillance to a new level, strapping video cameras to the helmets of its famed bobbies — a move the government says will cut down on paperwork and help prosecute criminals.

By providing dramatic footage of victims, suspects and witnesses, judges and jurors will be able to “see and hear the incident through the eyes and ears of the officer at the scene,” Minister of State for Security Tony McNulty said.

The Home Office said it was allocating $6 million to fund the devices for Britain’s 42 police forces — enough to buy more than 2,000 cameras.
This makes sense, of course, because seeing is believing. Besides, everybody knows that if there were more police available most criminals would call out instinctively as soon as they see one... "Hey officer, come here. I want to show you something!"


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