Tuesday, August 14, 2007

At Last, A Little Accountability

From Slashdot.org :

"Caltech grad student Virgil Griffith has launched a search tool that uncovers whitewashing and other self-interested editing of Wikipedia. Users can generate lists of every edit to Wikipedia which has been made from a particular IP address range. The tool has already uncovered a number of interesting edits, such as one from the corporate offices of Diebold which removed large sections of content critical of their electronic voting machines.

A Wired story provides more detail and Threat Level is running a contest to see who can come up with the most interesting Wikipedia spin job. I'll bet Slashdot readers know of some interesting IP address ranges to check."

As the title of this entry clearly states, we can only expect a LITTLE accountability in these topsy-turvy times. Fortunately a little is all anybody ever expected out of the Wikipedias, but more than we expected out of the Diebolds of this world. The link to Griffith's new toy is http://wikiscanner.virgil.gr/. Here's what the folks over at FOX have been up to, for example. Have fun.


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