Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crash And Burn..?

(Photo - AP)

Astronauts from the US space shuttle Endeavour are examining a gouge in its heat shield, sustained during take-off from Cape Canaveral on Wednesday. Nasa experts on Earth detected the damage as the vessel docked with the International Space Station.

It's almost as odd as the vastness of space itself (is it not?) that Nasa could spot a "3-inch (7.6cm) the shuttle approached the International Space Station," but apparently couldn't spot drunk astronauts before letting them board the shuttle.

Oh oh...according to CBC News :

A laser inspection by Endeavour's astronauts has revealed that a nine-centimetre-long gouge the shuttle suffered during its launch penetrates all the way through thermal tiles on its belly.


Blogger Howard said...

"It's almost as odd as the vastness of space itself..."

Not really. 1) You tend to find only those things you are looking for, and 2) the evidence that there were astronauts drunk on duty is not particularly reliable.
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