Friday, August 17, 2007

The Smiling Police

“Specially trained security personnel” will be watching passengers for “micro-expressions” that will reveal treacherous agendas and insidious intentions at airports around the country.

"Behavior Detection Officers" are coming to an American airport near you and these officers have been trained in the study of "micro-expressions." According to an article in Newsweek, "when people wish to conceal emotions, the truth of their feelings is revealed in facial flashes. These experts have determined that fear and disgust are the key things to look for because they can hint of deception."

Better hope you don't get a sudden case of the shits while stuck in a 2-hour security line or a 27-hour delay ... 'cause if you do and you ain't whistling Dixie, we'll see how you like getting your disgusted ass tossed in jail!


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